Everybody is talking about avocado toast! I had three friends send me pics of their avocado toast just this week! I LOVE avocados! If you follow me on Facebook or onInstagram, you’ll see lots of food pics with avocados. I can’t get enough; I eat at least 1 per day!


Avocados are revered for their buttery taste and texture. That comes from the healthy fats they contain. They are not only rich in flavor but in fiber, vitamins and minerals too! One cup of cubed avocado contains:


  •  40% of the RDA for fiber
  •  39% of the RDA for vitamin K
  •  30% of the RDA for folate
  •  25% of the RDA for vitamin C
  •  21% of the RDA for potassium
  •  21% of the RDA for pantothenic acid
  •   14% of the RDA for copper


Not only will avocado offer you all of these nutrients and more but this creamy, delicious produce has anti-inflammatory properties to boot! Not bad for one little fruit!


You can incorporate avocados into anything from appetizers to desserts; yes, even desserts!


My Smoked Salmon & Avocado Canapes are a perfect heart-healthy appetizer, filled with healthy fats from both the avocado and smoked salmon.


Of course, I love the classics! Simple Guacamole is a daily staple in my kitchen!


For a cool and creamy soup, try Green Gazpacho It’s herb-a-licious, filled with avocado goodness and totally raw!


Avocados in dessert?? Absolutely! Try Chocolate Coconut Chewies for a chewy and chocolatey cookie for only 58 itty-bitty calories per cookie! Yes, they are avocado-based and totally butter-free. You can have a sweet and get some nutrition too! But I warn you – these are totally addicting!


My all time favorite dessert is Healthy Chocolate Mousse !


So try an avocado today to keep the doctor away. Nina Cucina has the recipes for you.


This Week at Nina Cucina


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Recipe of the Week


Since we’re singing the praises of avocados this week, how ‘bout an avocado salad! Avocado, Orange & Fennel Salad is super-satisfying, creamy and crunchy with a hint of spice.