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  • Back at Home & Hit the Ground Running!

    Back at Home & Hit the Ground Running!

    Happy Thursday!

    We have arrived back from our beloved Capri and boy, oh boy, have I hit the ground running!

    During all the fun in Capri, my husband and I were helping a friend with cancer make treatment decisions for his battle against cholangiocarcinoma.

    Say what?? That’s a mouthful!

    Cholangiocarcinoma is an aggressive cancer of the bile ducts. Our friend is 43 years old with a beautiful wife (who has been my friend fr over 20 years) and an adorable and energetic 4-year old daughter. They live in the Netherlands where doctors told him there was nothing they could do. The bottom line there is that socialized medicine does not care for those with diseases that are expensive to treat with questionable success rates.

    The decision was made for the whole family to come here, to Reno, stay with us and be treated by Dr. James Forsythe.

    They traveled across the world to be treated by this man – he’s that good!

    Dr. Forsythe has been an integrative oncologist for around 40 years. He has an AMAZING success rate with remission of stage 4 cancers.

    Doctor is not only an MD but also a homeopath which offers his patients greater opportunity for well-rounded care.

    You can learn more about Dr. Forsythe on his website – just click here.

    Or, you can read about him in Suzanne’s Somer’s Book, Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer–And How to Prevent Getting It in the First Place

    Truth be told, Dr. Forsythe suggested over a year ago that we write an anti-cancer cookbook together because we both know that there is a HUGE link between what we eat and this horrible disease. I had been putting off writing another book – it’s hard work, plus a book of this nature takes a lot of research, recipe re-testing for certain nutrients and lots of science. Needless to say, now that this has happened I am hard at work on that project now. It’s needed. More on that in the months to come.

    Upon the arrival of our friends, I began to read and re-read books and medical studies about cancer nad general health. To start, at the recommendation of an oncology nurse, I re- read Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type. 

    A lot of the science lacks efficacy but the general gist is good. Different blood types should probably be eating different foods. I suggest reading it just to broaden your own knowledge. You can pick it up here.

    Two books on health that I highly recommend are Grain Brain written by neurosurgeon, Dr. David Perlmutter and Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis.

    I know, I know… I’m constantly harping about the dangerous effects of grain on human health. The reason for that is that there is science documenting the dangers. The above listed books are a great place to start to help you avoid detrimental disease such as cancer – just click on the title to purchase it on Amazon.

    There are a host of disorders that can be helped by giving up grain, here are just a few:

    • Brain fog

    • Bloating

    • Leaky gut syndrome

    • Fibromyalgia

    • Psoriasis

    Besides clean eating, what else can you do to avoid cancer? Here are a few tips:

    • Sweat every day. 

    The only way you can clear your lymphatic system is to sweat. Your lymphatic sytem is part of the cleansing system in your body. If you don’t sweat, your body cannot cleanse and will hold onto toxins that could be dangerous to your health. Find a sport that you like and PLAY! Infared sauna is also a great way to cleanse through sweating.

    • Avoid plastic bottles, cups, etc.

    Most plastic contains BPA (bisphenol-A), a known carcinogen that seeps into liquids when the plastic gets hot. So the next time you leave a plastic bottle of water in the car and it gets heated, dump it. Also be aware that there are no laws governing that water in plastic bottles should be cooled during traportation to the supermarket. The ‘fancy’ bottled water that you’re paying hard earned cash for, could be tainted.

    • Forget fluoride

    Fluoride has a lot of controversy surrounding it. Fluoridation of water in the U.S. is commonplace. After reading tons of documentation, I feel confident in saying that fluoride does more harm than good. In fact, there hasn’t been any fluoride toothpaste in our home for more than a decade.

    • Avoid GMOs

    Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Round Up Herbicide and the main ingredient in ‘Round Up Ready Corn’ has been proven to cause cancer in rats and is a probable human carcinogen. This is the main reason that I buy everything that I can organically. If you want to save a few bucks and save your health, check out my article: Which Produce You Should Buy Organically and Why

    Our friend has been with Dr Forsythe for just over a week now. He is improving a little every day! It’s easier for him to eat (he lost about 20 LBs that he didn’t need to lose) and his energy levels are rising. This is quite an amazing feat for just one week of treatment!

    The best way to save your health is to gain knowledge. Read what experts have to say, analyze it and read some more. Stay active, keep thinking happy thoughts (toxic thinking = a toxic body) and have FUN! Laugh, dance in the rain, love deeply, BE healthy!

    XO Nina


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