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  • How to Change Fitness Level

    How to Change Fitness Level

    Happy Thursday


    It’s happened to all of us. Your life, health and fitness are all moving right along, and you think you’ve got everything under control.


    And then – WAM. Life happens!


    Something unexpected…. Something out of your control.


    And then DOUBLE WAM! Suddenly, clothes start to fit a little differently. An extra few pounds appear on the scale and you ask yourself – how did this happen?


    Maybe, you haven’t been in the gym as frequently or you’ haven’t been as careful with eating. Can you relate?


    It’s tough sometime to make that time for YOU when life’s unexpected events get in the way of, well, your life.


    Scheduling your workout time can be challenging! There are some great tips in our blog post: How to Schedule Your Workout Time


    This scenario recently became a part of my life. I thought and thought about it all. I made, what many of my friends think, is a crazy, extreme decision, to put my fitness back on track.


    It’s not for everyone but I am loving the journey! I would love it if you would virtually join me in my fitness journey!


    Take a peek at my interview with my trainer, Camie Cragg-Lyman and learn about my HOT NEWS.


    XO Nina



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    We just received an adorable line of workout wear! Check it out here.


    Recipe of the Week

    I love starting the day with a good breakfast! My recipe of the week is breakfast that tastes like dessert! I have actually served this as a quick, healthy and dessert – Yogurt Parfait!


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