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  • Cooking with Camie

    Cooking with Camie

    My wonderful trainer and friend, Camie Cragg Lyman hosts a ‘Wellness Wednesday’ Facebook live weekly. She decided that she wanted to do something that involved cooking…HEALTHY cooking that is.

    Camie, as a personal trainer and IFBB Bikini Pro Athlete realizes the importance of how you fuel your body. Eating for competition can be boring….but it doesn’t have to be!

    Wednesday, September 19, she invited me to be her guest on her Wellness Wednesday Facebook broadcast!

    Our plan was to share how EASY and FAST it can be to create a healthy dinner. Truth be told, this looked like a challenging venture for Camie at first. As comfortable as Camie is in the ‘gym environment’ about equals her discomfort level in the ‘kitchen environment’

    We set out to change that!

    Whenever you ar learning something new, there is a level of discomfort at the beginning. It doesn’t matter if you are lifting a barbell or a pan in the kitchen, if what you are doing is new, it can be painful. The win is OVERCOMING your level of discomfort and making that action your own. Your belief in yourself and your personal abilities becomes stronger and that makes a person HAPPY. That’s why it’s so important to try new things, even if that new thing might seem scary at first. You will grow from it and become a happier you. Challenges, although perhaps unpleasant when they are first presented to us, can create greater self-worth. As we overcome the challenge, inner peace and happiness replace the stress we felt when we first looked the challenge.

    For our cooking adventure together, I decided we should make Thai Salmon and Garlic Roasted Asparagus.

    Camie’s first question was: ‘Is it easy?’

    Well, it is SO easy! Take a look at our fun antics in the kitchen at Camie’s warm and beautiful home.

    Want these recipes?

    For the Thai Salmon recipe, click here.

    For the Garlic Roasted Asparagus recipe, click here.

    To purchase my cookbook, click here.

    Check out Camie Cragg Fitness here

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