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  • HOT News from Nina: Interview with Camie Cragg

    HOT News from Nina: Interview with Camie Cragg



    Sometimes life takes you on an unforgettable journey through the decisions that you make! I am on a journey that I am SO glad that I began! I have been on a fitness journey for many years…. I have added some excitement to this journey recently! Check out my interview with world class trainer, Camie Cragg Lyman to learn my new, HOT news!


    Interview with Camie Cragg

    Nina: Hi, this is Nina Cucina! Today, I am very happy and proud to interview Camie Cragg Lyman. She is my fabulous, guru trainer. I just wanted to introduce you guys to her and let you learn more about her, and why I found her why we found each other and the journey that we’re on together.


    Nina: Hi Camie!!


    Camie: Hi!!


    Nina: Camie, why don’t you tell me what brought you into fitness because I really think it’s a fabulous story.


    Camie: You want the ‘go back there’ story?


    Nina: Yea, the ‘go back there story’…


    Camie: OK, so when I was 14 years old I was an athlete at Galena high school and I freakishly broke my back. And, when I broke my back, I was dating this guy that was training with my now fitness mentor which is Max. And, the doctors did say if you had more muscle in your body, wrapping around your spine, you would have been safe and if you had more of a muscular build. I was just a little volleyball player.


    And…so anyway, long story short, I started training with Max and got into the resistance strength cross training and fell in love with it. And more so because it was giving me the ability to live my passion, which was being an athlete. And then I started to like it because of how it made me feel! I felt strong, I was I was a girl you’re probably around men all the time, being strong themselves…. So I enjoyed it and then I went all the way through high school and college. As the doctor told me when I did break my back: ‘You’re never going to play  again…’ And at that time, I adopted the: ‘I can, I will’ attitude. Pretty much just said: ‘Oh, I will, I know you don’t see that way in your x-rays, but I will.’


    And after that started to happen, I went into my college days and I came across some obstacles, physically with Graves’ disease, and that led me to seek fitness more, and to seek nutrition more, which is your expertise is. And after that, my first client ever was in college and she was 100% blind, Lauren…


    Nina: Wow! That’s amazing!


    Camie: So, I then learn how to speak to a blind girl about her muscles and how to feel, because she couldn’t see in the mirror.


    Nina: She couldn’t visualize it….


    Camie: No… So that was my first ever client that I trained, and that was just our little college gym. And after that, when I got when I got done with the Graves, I was placed back into Reno and I decided that the Nike job out in San Francisco wasn’t cool enough and living my passion was. So I got past that the disease by thyroid removal and then I started getting my certs and getting my internships and got into the gym with Max. So fast forward a little bit more….


    I am 13 years deep into the physical, personal training, group training and CCF as we’re here right now, I’ve been almost 6 Years in November…


    Nina: Wow!! That’s fabulous!


    Camie: So that’s the short version.


    Nina: Yes, yes…. And we found each other though friends…..


    Camie: Yes, awesome, very dear, friends…


    Nina: All of whom train with Camie… And kept saying: ‘You’ve gotta go meet Camie Cragg!’


    Camie: They said that a lot, tough… They said it over and over and I kept hearing your name… Who is Nina Cucina? Who is Nina? Nina?


    Nina: Yes!  Who is she? Who is she? Right? So, I finally you! And we met up and now we have a….Well, our first big project together is… ME!


    Camie: She’s so funny! All the time.. You are funny!


    Nina: Thank you! The first big project is me!  I have made a major, major decision in my life; a large commitment…for a gal of: ‘my age group’ as they say…. Everybody keeps reminding me of ‘my age group’. ‘Why are you doing this at this time in your life?’


    Camie: Should you be doing something else??


    Nina: Yes, yes… should I be doing something else?


    Camie: Live your life not your age, people.


    Nina: Exactly! So, I’ve decided to enter a bikini contest! That contest will be November 17, 18 and 19 in Rancho Mirage, California.  And this buddy of mine is going with me.


    Camie: I am So excited!!


    Nina: She is the person that is building this body! The body is by Nina Cucina food and Camie Cragg Fitness! Together we’re taking a 54 year-old ‘girl’ and we’re putting her on a bikini stage. So, stay tuned you’re gonna be seeing lots of video on the transformation!


    Camie: All your work outs…


    Nina: All the workouts…


    Camie: The posing….


    Nina: The posing!….


    Camie: We gotta get some food in there, because food’s a huge part of it!


    Nina: We’re gonna do the whole the whole 9 yards!  So if you have a challenge in your life, whether it be physical fitness challenge or a food challenge or anything that you just want to do in your life and you’re not sure that you can make the jump, take the leap, make the commitment…. We’re here to inspire you with the: ‘Yes, you can!


    Camie: Take the chance….


    Nina: Take the chance and take the leap!


    Camie: And believe in it!


    Nina: And believe in it!


    Camie: I think the one thing you’ve done with all the outside talk that you probably get all the time, is that you know that you’re believing and trusting the process. That’s all you can do.


    Nina: That’s right! Absolutely!


    Camie: Nina, is a true project C which is she’s taking the chance to make the choice to be the change that Nina deserves to be for herself and not for anyone else.


    Nina: That’s right! And that’s who you do it for; you do it for yourself!


    Camie: Yup! And then it becomes a spiral effect and a ripple effect to everyone else around you…


    Nina: Yes….


    Camie: They may not get on stage, that’s not the deal; the deal is that you’re living life to your potential! You’re becoming your better self!


    Nina: That’s right…


    Camie: And stage is just a little bit part of it, but your self-worth and your confidence and your goals in conquering these these things that you want; that’s what it’s about.


    Nina: Yes, that’s absolutely what it’s about…That’s what it’s about. So, stay tuned! And watch us!


    Camie: We’re gonna be out there!


    Nina: We’re gonna be out there! It’s gonna be fun!


    Camie: And then you’re gonna be ‘on there’ and I’m going to be watching from the audience!


    Nina: It’s gonna be fun! So, stay tuned!



    Final Thoughts

    This journey that I have embarked on is filled with emotion! Joy, struggle, determination, and positive self-talk to get myself through exercises that are, at this point, difficult for me to accomplish. I am learning each day just how strong I am becoming…..Not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well! I am not only shaping a new body; I’m shaping a new me. Share in the journey with me.

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