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Weighted Sleigh

Try dragging a sleigh with 90 pounds across the work floor… Now that will get your booty in shape and make you STRONG! 💪

Ball Throws

Throwing a 15lb ball against the wall and catching it in a squat position works EVERYTHING from your shoulders to your glutes and back again.

Squats on Bosu Ball

Are you looking for an exercise that works EVERYTHING?! Try squats holding a weighed bar overhead on a Bosu Ball. This exercise challenges, balance roots, core and shoulders.

Bikini Booty Workout

The bikini bottom line is the butt! Dead lifts on a slant board will develop that perky, perfect heart shaped butt you are looking for.

Push Ups

It took me a long time to learn how to do this exercise, push up… Push ups are a tough exercise for us girls. Make sure to start on your knees and work your way up.

Crossover Lunges

Challenge your balance, booty and core by doing lunges crossing over a rope with a weighted bar ending in a kickback.

Home Workout: Heel Slides

Need a quick at home workout? Try heel slides. Lay on the floor in a bridge position with your heels on paper plates & slide your feet in & out. Try to keep your butt off the floor!!

Box Jumps

Want to burn some booty blubber and make your heart strong?! Try 30 seconds of box jumps in between weight lifting sets!

Ab Rollouts

Need a new home workout exercise? Look no further. Try adding Ab Rollouts into your routine. It’s a super ab workout that you can do at home!

Balance & Core Challenge

Challenge your balance and core by doing battle ropes on an upside down bosu ball.

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