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Abs and Biceps

A+B = C. Engaging your abs while doing biceps equals great core strength. Want to get the best out of your workouts? Multi task by using multiple muscle groups at the same time

Deadlifts on Balance Board

Deadlifts on a balance board! A fun exercise that challenges glutes, hamstrings, balance & even your core!! Have some fun w this one; your boy will thank you for it!

Abs, Back & Balance Challenge

Challenge your abs, back & balance w one exercise! 25 LB in right hand, lift left leg & balance on right knee. Pulse weight 30 times. Core STRENGTH will be yours.

Slide Shuffle Uphill

These slide shuffle uphill’s really use that uphill leg to power you & push that glute up & back. 1min each side, then 45secs each side, 30secs each side then back to 1 min. Feel the BURN!

Band Pulls

Band Pulls are great for core strength. Slip your feet into a band that is looped around a pole. Pull towards you and release. It’s though but just keep visualizing your six pack.

Clapping Battle Ropes

Do you want beautiful shoulders? You don’t need to lift a lot of weight… Clapping battle ropes above your head will give you that sculpted look you’ll be proud to show off in a tank top!

Booty & Shoulder Blast

Stand with your toes pointing outwards, feet wider then your shoulders, bounce over twice then pull into a standing row. Brining the weights up into a parallel position under your chin. Elbows finishing higher then your shoulders.

Weighted Sleigh!

Do you want to be bootylicious and get strong glutes and hamstrings? Try pushing a weighted sleigh across the gym. Its a lot harder then one might think.

Diamond Pushups on a Bosu Ball

Place your knees on the ball, hands under your chest with your fingers in a shape of a diamond. Engaging your core ease down to the floor and push back up. Try for a set of 10 to start.

Abs on the Roller

Sit with one glute on the roller using your hands for balance. Start with straight legs then bring your knees into your chest, and repeat in a fluid motion This exercise eases sore glutes and strengthens your core.

Tricep Dips

Place hands on a bench, chair or dip machine. Keep your back close to the bench lower your body and push back up in a fluid motion. Raise one leg off the ground for a little added challenge.

Bottom Band with TRX Suspension

I LOVE using our bottom band w TRX. Don’t have a TRX? Try holding onto a table, a staircase or even a doorknob. In & outs on your tip toes will get rid of outer thigh jiggle & lifts glutes.

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