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  • Happy Birthday, America! Love, Capri!

    Happy Birthday, America! Love, Capri!

    Happy Thursday from Capri!

    The Capresé people love to have fun! They are a hard-working group but never pass up the opportunity to laugh, sing and have a good time!

    Every year they celebrate 4th of July just to say: ‘Tanti Auguri, America!’ (meaning Happy Birthday or Many Well Wishes)

    We shared a jubilant American Independence Celebration with the wonderful people of Capri!

    Here’s an invitation we received to a 4th of July celebration that’s most definitely written in the spirit of Italian fun and laughter!

    As soon as I saw it, I couldn’t help but giggle!

    We ended up passing on this invitation to enjoy a concert in Piazza Umberto, which is the historic center of the island. It’s referred to as: La Piazzetta, meaning, ‘little square’ and nicknamed ‘the little theater of the world’. This is a totally accurate description of the square. You can’t get anywhere on the island easily without passing through the Piazzetta and it’s where all the action happens! I could write a television series just about what I have seen and heard over the years 🙂

    The day started with celebrating fitness at the gym. Yes, Capri has a gym appropriately named Capri Gym. It’s owned by a lovely gal, Alessandra. Even though her English is not good and my Italian is even worse, we have become friends over the years. That’s what fitness does; it has its own language.

    The gym is tiny but efficient and super-clean! It’s not unusual to be crawling over another fitness enthusiast to get to a weight or machine; it’s that small. We all seem to work out well together, get our sweat on and enjoy the view between sets.

    After a good work out, we were off to LUNCH!! We had a delectable celebratory lunch of seafood! We started with Lobster Catalan, a heavenly lobster salad with avocado, celery, potatoes, fennel and cherry tomatoes tossed in olive oil and lemon juice – it was AMAZING!

    We decide to split this wonderful dish and go for a whole fish for lunch. Whole fish are a staple in the Capresé cuisine, served a variety of ways: grilled, baked in a salt crust or Acqua Pazza (this literally means ‘crazy water’ and is a simple preparation using broth, cherry tomatoes and olive oil). We chose for a simple grilled fish for two. Our waiter deftly fileted the fish tableside for us. It was served with Escarole with Black Olives, Raisins and Pine Nuts, one of my favorites!

    Taking fish off the bone is really pretty easy once you get the hang of it. And it’s delicious because the fish has been cooked on the bone.

    At 8 p.m., the concert began! It was WONDERFUL! Imagine this: and Italian band and group of singers singing American gospel and pop music! It was such a blast! Some people even got up in the Piazzetta and danced! Yes, that’s Italian! Life is for living so have a good time!

    They sang on the steps to the church. Notice the white gloves….that was their ode to Michael Jackson while singing ‘Bille Jean’.

    A fun and fantastic 4th was had by all filled with song, dance delectable dishes, wonderful wine and our fantastic friends in Capri!

    Thank you Capri for helping celebrate our beautiful country!

    Tanti Auguri, America!

    XO Nina


    This Week at Nina Cucina

    Recipe of the Week

    This week, I’d like to share my twist on a typically Capresé fish dish that’s fun to make and absoltely delicious:

    Whole Snapper Baked in Salt with Lemon Parsley Vinaigrette.

    Baking a whole fish in a salt crust makes the fish moist and delectable. I love making this dish! If you have never deboned a fish, don’t worry! I have included de-boning instructions so you can bone up on your de-boning skills (pun intended).

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