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  • Valentine’s Day Menu

    Valentine’s Day Menu

    Valentine’s Day!! AHHH!! Stress!! Valentine’s Day can be a source of deep stress among couples. We ask ourselves: ‘What shall I buy him/her?’ Is that what it’s about? Buying another gift? Making reservations to go out and ‘celebrate’ can be almost impossible to accomplish. Plus, aren’t we supposed to celebrate our love every day? What I like to do on Valentine’s Day is create a Valentine’s Day menu; invite a couple of close friends for dinner at our home and celebrate our friendship and love for one another! In other words, have a good time without the worry and stress of a ‘hallmark’ holiday.

    How It Started

    We started doing this a few years ago and I even filmed a cooking show around the concept. After all, platonic love is one of the greatist loves of all. Who do you call when your spouse is driving you bonkers? Your friends!

    This menu has color inspiration and nutritional inspiration. The first time I made the main course, I wanted something tasty but light on calories. After all, it IS February; people are still thinking about their health and wellness resolutions they made a few weeks ago.

    The Appetizer

    The Valentine’s menu begins with Goat Cheese Grape Truffles. These sweet and savory little bites pair perfectly with champagne. A crunch of walnut or pistachio couple with the creaminess of the goat cheese and the sweet burst of grape is a delectable combination. At only 57 calories per delicious truffle; you won’t have to feel guilt-ridden about your regimen.
    Valentine's Day Menu - Goat Cheese Grape Truffles

    The Main Course

    To follow as a main course for our Valentine’s Day menu, I chose: Scallops with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce and Warm, Spicy Spinach Salad. The velvety scallops bathing in luscious red pepper sauce with a zesty kick from the spinach dances across your palate. I created this dish years ago for guests that were ‘on a diet’…. These are three words, I detest. Eat real food, fill your plate with colorful veggies and stay far, far away from packaged food with ingredients you cannot pronounce. Yet, I developed this yummy recipe with a calorie count in mind, coupled with a TON of nutrition! This dish comes in at 423 calories, touting 32 grams of protein and only 13 net carbs per serving (total carbs – fiber = net carbs). Further, it’s brimming with vitamins A, C, K and folate and is mineral rich to boot! Plus, it’s sexy, it’s just plain sexy!
    Valentine's Day Menu - Scallops with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce and Warm, Spicy Spinach Salad


    For dessert, CHOCOLATE! What would a Valentines Day Menu be without chocolate? I’m not talking about just any old chocolate – my Luscious Truffles, and luscious they are! These exquisite morsels are rich in chocolatey goodness! The raw cocoa in the recipe gives it that rich flavor plus a boost of manganese! Manganese isn’t talked about as much as other minerals, such as calcium. Manganese supports bone health, supports lung and respiratory health, helps maintain cognitive function and much more! One serving of these yummy bites has 21% of the recommended daily allowance! Plus, these are guilt-free; just 170 itty-bitty calories an vegan to boot!
    Goat Cheese Grape Truffles

    Final Thoughts on a Valentine’s Day Menu

    Celebrate love of all sorts every day! Revel in the passion of your marraige, celebrate friendship, hug your kids! This Valentine’s Day, instead of stressing about a gift and a dinner reservation, give the gift of your presence to those you love. Share joy! Cook a Valentine’s menu for those you care about. There’s no greater gift than that of your effort and the love you can express through feeding someone a beautiful meal!

    Happy Valentine’s Day from the Nina Cucina family to yours!




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    • Love this insightful email about how Valentines Day started, I never knew! I agree with you, love should be celebrated all year round. Happy Valentines to you my friend. xoxoxoKimberly


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