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  • Hello from Capri, Italy!

    Hello from Capri, Italy!

    Happy Thursday from Capri!

    Each year, my husband and I travel to Capri, Italy. It amazes me still how I can continue to be inspired by a place that I have traveled to yearly for almost a decade! Yet our dear Capri continues to spark inspiration!

    The long journey gave me lots of time to catch up on movies. I watched The Lion King.

    This film had two great themes, first:

    • Hakuna Metata

    The lyrics to the song go:

    ‘It means no worries. For the rest of your days. It’s a problem-free philosophy. Hakuna Matata!’

    This is the perfect theme for a vacation. No worries. Have a good time! Sing, dance, laugh!

    The second theme in the film is:

     Remember Who You Are

    I found this almost profound to hear right before an Italian vacation.

    Just because I am in Italy does not mean that I pig out on pasta. I still eat the Nina Cucina way wherever I am in the world. It’s the key to health.

    BUT I still have FUN!

    We made new friends this year and we were invited to there beautiful home overlooking Marina Piccola, meaning ‘the small marina’.

    The views are AMAZING!

    I cooked my Paella made with quinoa (no rice for this grain-free girl), my hubby, Roger poured wine and a great time was had by all!

    I am deeply grateful for all the wonderful people that I have met in Capri and stay in contact with regularly!

    One of the many wonderful aspects of Capri is that we know it so well that we have friends here that are happy to see us, and many of them are restaurant owners. In fact, I have many shirt-tail cousins here in Capri that are restaurant owners.

    Some of my favorite dishes….

    Arugula and Tomato Salad

    I know what you’re thinking… Salad…boring. But NO, the arugula in Capri is peppery and delicious! The tomatoes taste like, well, tomatoes. They are sweet and juicy! I dress the salad with Italian olive oil and a little lemon and it is nothing less than spectacular!

    Grilled Prawns with Lemon & Olive Oil

    These were SO delicious and SO simply prepared. That is the beauty of the Capresé cuisine – it’s simple and DELICIOUS. The food on this island is one of the reasons we keep coming back. It seems crazy to travel across the world for seasonally delicious dishes but once you taste this food, you are hooked!

    Stuffed Cabbage

    I had this as an appetizer. The Italians often have a vegetarian dish as an appetizer. This cabbage roll was filled with a variety of chopped vegetables – chopped eggplant, zucchini, onions, peppers and a little Parmesan. It was served with a swirl of garbanzo bean puree that also had a dash of Parmesan and olive oil. It was simply AMAZING! The flavors just danced across my palate! I will definitely recreate this dish in my own kitchen.

    Today, we are headed for a beach adventure! We are going to Bagni Tiberio (Tiberius’ Beach). This was Emperor Tiberio’s favorite place to swim on the island. The beaches here do not have a big sandy beach, they are rock-based and lead down to the cerulean Sea of Capri. All the beaches have a restaurant and this one is wonderful!

    Stay tuned for more adventures from Capri!


    XO Nina


    This Week at Nina Cucina

    Recipe of the Week

    This week, I’d like to share the dish that I made for our friends here in Capri: West Coast Paella. It’s a great dish to share with friends!

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