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  • I’m Exhausted! How Are You?

    I’m Exhausted! How Are You?

    Happy Friday


    Have you ever had ever had a conversation with a friend, asked how they were and gotten that answer? It’s disconcerting, isn’t it? Well, of course it is!


    The truth of the matter:


    Thirty percent of the population suffers from insomnia!


    That’s a huge number! The importance of sleep has been documented time and time again. We are walking around (and driving around) in a sleep deprived society. The dangers of that are innumerable, both to those of us that are sleep deprived and to those with whom we interact.


    OK! So what do we do about this situation? We live in an incredibly fast-paced world that BREEDS insomnia.


    I, too, am a non-sleeper….I will not use that word because I am never giving in to it! In my new blog post: Insomnia? Tips That Can Help You Sleep Better, I share what I do to enjoy a better, more fulfilling and restful night’s sleep.


    Read it – it might be the answer for you as well!


    And afterward….sleep tight!


    XO Nina


    This Week at Nina Cucina


    Fall is in the Air


    As the weather gets cooler, and, here in Nevada, even dryer; it’s time for us gals to start looking at a Fall skincare routine that will help!


    Here are a couple of purchases that I have recently made for Fall that are saving my skin!



    For Body:



    • Just Nutritive Body Cream– I love, love, LOVE this buttery and restorative cream! The first ingredient is aloe! Ingredients that follow are macadamia nut oil, cocoa butter and almond oil – this is nutrition for your skin! It is WONDERFUL right before bed.



    For Face – My New Fall Evening Treatment:


    • I’m using the Ecco Bella Invisible Exfoliant and Blemish Remedyon clean, dry skin. No, I am not breaking out… The alpa-hydroxy and salicylic acid remove dead skin cells and get into the skin to help with fine lines. What you put on top is literally the icing on the cake!


    • I follow it with the Ecco Bella Revitalize Facial Serum. This organic serum is fortified with neroli, jasmine and sandalwood essential oils that are steeped in jojoba – FANTASTIC!


    • Ecco Bella Night Rebuilder Creamis my final skin saver for night-time. It’s an aloe-vera based night cream that’s filled with anti-oxidants! Take a look at the ingredients. It’s organic and vegan to boot!



    Recipe of the Week


    As the cool breezes begin, it’s time for a cozy soup with warm fall spices: Orange Scented Carrot Soup with Mango. Since, I’m an island girl at heart, I couldn’t resist adding the little Caribbean twist of mango. Enjoy!

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