Happy Thursday


Have you ever walked into the supermarket and wondered how you are going to work your way through the maze of the produce department?


As soon as you become familiar with where your favorite produce is, it gets moved to a new location. Is this your thought when you realize the change:

‘I really don’t have time for this!’


If you are like me and searching primarily for organic produce, this can be challenging for sure! And the feeling of losing control over your primary food source can make a person, well…. Frustrated! I can SO relate! It happens to all of us, even if you consider yourself a super-efficient shopper!


The solution: Look at the PLU Codes.


I have some great tips for you for winning the time-crunch race through the produce department in our new blog post: PLU Codes | Know What You Are Buying. Check it out – it’ll save you a ton of time and make your shopping experience more enjoyable.


XO Nina

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