I’ve been told that if you train hard enough for long enough in any sport, you’re bound to get injured.


Well, a few weeks ago, it happened. I was doing bench hop-overs in the gym and POP! I guess landed incorrectly and I tore my meniscus and sprained my ACL and MCL.


After seeing a doctor and physical therapist, I added three new accessories to my closet – a knee brace and 2 pairs of cute flat sandals!


One of my personal goals last year and again in 2018 is to be in the best shape of my life. I achieved that goal last year by placing 10th in a bikini competition being the oldest competitor.


I consider this injury, not a set back, but a way to correct form by taking things a little more slowly in the gym. The exercises that I cannot do (for now), I modify and create new, fun variations.


This is a method of stepping back and looking at things (not only working out) a little differently.


Last week, I saw my PT and got a very good report card! Over the period of 3 weeks, the bend-a-bility of my knee had increased by almost 30%! He even gave me a band to start doing lateral strengthening exercises for my knee! I LOVE that kind of present :)


He said: ‘This is amazing progress! How?’ He asked. ‘What are your secrets? How are you supplementing?’


First: I believe that humans can be like great wine; they can get better with age if they are well cared for. I don’t hold my birth date as a rule of what I can and cannot do.


Second: I believe that everything happens for a reason. I am correcting other things through this ‘mishap.’


Third: Yes, I supplement like crazy! 7 grams of Omega-3 Fatty Acids per day, 1 gram of turmeric (with black pepper for absorption) and vitamin D. I take a lot more than this but even when I forget to take my vitamins, I take these.


Vitamin D is a supplement that’s SO important! It’s important for your fitness level, too. Take a peek at my article: 5 Reasons You Need Vitamin D to Get Fit I think you may be surprised how much vitamin D can do for you.


See you in the gym,

XO Nina


This Week at Nina Cucina


Where to Shop?

Part my anti-inflammatory diet is everything Salmon! I get asked all the time where I buy my salmon. Most people assume it’s Whole Foods. Sorry Whole Foods….


I have been buying Wild King Salmon from Vital Choice Seafood for YEARS!


I love their Ikura (Salmon Eggs) ! I actually had them for breakfast this morning!

Everything comes in neat boxes that are labeled so they slide neatly into my freezer. And, all the fish is perfectly portioned! Less work for me :)


Recipe of the Week


Well, of course, it’s a salmon recipe! Pan Seared White Salmon with Blueberry Port Wine Sauce This recipe is super-simple to make, anti-inflammatory and YUMMY! If you’ve never had white salmon, try it! It’s a delicacy!