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  • Life is Short, Eat Dessert First!

    Life is Short, Eat Dessert First!

    Happy Thursday!


    As the Holidays get closer and closer, we all start to think about desserts…. The questions swirl in our minds!


    How will I avoid them to keep my waistline?


    Can’t I just have a little piece?


    Will I be able to just eat a little or will I totally freak out and eat an entire cake?


    The number one question I get is: Can I eat CHOCOLATE?


    Wise words come from Ann Wigmore, founder of the Hippodrates Institute:

    ‘The food you eat can be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.’


    So which is chocolate? Can you eat chocolate and be healthy?


    The answer is a resounding YES! I can hear your sigh of relief from here 🙂 You can learn about the terrific health benefits of chocolate in our blog post: Can You Eat Chocolate and Be Healthy?.


    XO Nina


    This Week at Nina Cucina


    National Dessert Day

    Since we’re into Chocolate this week, let’s all celebrate National Dessert Day on October 14! Treat yourself to a healthy dessert! We have a few fun choices for youhere. Want a whole book full? Check out my ebook: Nothing to Grain | The Guilt-Free Guide to Grain Free Baking.


    Recipe of the Week

    Well, of course, this week’s recipe is all about chocolate! Chocolate Coconut Chewiesare addicting little sweet treats inspired by my childhood love of Hersey’s Mounds Bars!



    How Safe Are Your Cosmetics?

    Do you wonder if you are putting poison on your largest organ, your skin? You can learn more about cosmetic chemicals in our blog post: Parabens – What Are They & Are They Harmful.

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