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Anchovy Fillets

Anchovy Fillets


Size: Three 3.17oz jars
Donostia Anchovies come from the Cantabrian Sea, off the coast of Spain’s northern Basque region.

Famed for their rich flavor and meaty fillets, connoisseurs place them at the apex of European anchovies, above even the best Italian brands.

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• Gluten-free
• Certified kosher*
• Average 18 anchovies per jar
• Sourced from a certified sustainable fishery
• Product of Spain
*Certification occurs in Spain and is attested to by the supplier
These amazing anchovies are sustainably wild-caught in the Cantabrian Sea, which forms the southern portion of the Bay of Biscay.
Upon harvest, they’re packed in salt in large barrels to cure in a traditional “salumera” process for 5 to 6 months.
After being salt-cured to ensure complete safety/purity, the fish are hand filleted and jarred in olive oil.

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