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Ikura Salmon Caviar 2oz Jar

Ikura Salmon Caviar 2oz Jar


Size: One 2oz jar
Delicate salmon roe – called “ikura” in Japan – is highly prized by caviar lovers around the world.Our ikura comes from wild Northwest Pacific keta salmon and is produced under the direct supervision of Japanese ikura experts, using a custom 3% brine for milder flavor and lower salt content than most.

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• In 2-oz. resealable glass jar
• Richest food source of omega-3s
• Excellent “first food” for infants
• Sustainably harvested
• Product of USA
NOTE: To ensure optimal quality, our 1-jar and 3-jar options (FSE201 and FSE203) must be ordered with at least one other perishable (cold) product.

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