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King Salmon: Copper River

King Salmon: Copper River


Size: Six 6oz portions
Among wild Pacific salmon, king (chinook) ranks among the biggest and richest fish.

And king salmon from Alaska’s Copper River is the crème de la crème … a stupendously succulent fish that melts in your mouth!

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• Certified Kosher (EarthK). Approved for Passover.
• Sustainably harvested
• Boneless / Skin-on Fillet Portions
• Unrivaled richness and lusciousness
Every year, the Copper King harvest sets off a scramble among restaurants and retailers seeking to snare some of this elegant, ephemeral treat.
The harvest was especially low this year, but we’ve secured a strictly limited amount … and unlike most sources, we offer Free Shipping! (Deliveries to Alaska and Hawaii are subject to surcharges.)
Demand remains high, making the wholesale cost — and corresponding retail prices — considerably higher than last year’s.
The price we must charge to cover our costs — about $75 per pound — matches the price at local retail outlets, as reported by Seattle’s NBC affiliate station and Alaska Dispatch News.
In light of the sharp cost increase over 2016, we debated whether to offer 2017 Copper River King, and decided to let customers make that choice.
What makes Copper River king so amazingly rich?

Unique circumstances give Copper River king salmon its unsurpassed oil content and richness.
The Copper River is the 10th largest river in the United States …a massive, mile-wide monster that drains 24,000 square miles of Alaskan territory and drops an average of 12 feet per mile.
After spending from one to five years at sea, king salmon born in the Copper River must swim 300 miles upstream against a speedy seven mile-per-hour current and through rapids and narrow, fast-rushing canyons to reach their spawning grounds.
Migrating salmon do not feed during their epic upstream struggle … and over thousands of years, Copper River kings acquired the instinct to accumulate the extra “fuel” reserves needed to reach their distant spawning grounds.
Because their epic effort requires such huge fat stores, these “thoroughbreds” among wild salmon grow rapidly in the ocean, often doubling their weight during a single summer season.
As a consequence, Copper River king salmon is incredibly luscious, with twice the fat of other wild salmon per serving, and 25 percent more fat than other king salmon.

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