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King Salmon & Sablefish Duo

King Salmon & Sablefish Duo


Sablefish: Three 4oz portion
King Salmon: Three 6oz portion

Our most exotic combo features a deliciously luscious duo … buttery Alaskan sablefish and rich, skin-on Pacific king salmon.

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• 50/50 combo
• Wild Pacific King salmon (6 oz, skin-on/boneless)
• Wild Alaskan Sablefish (4 oz, skin-on/bone-in)
• Sustainably harvested
• 6-portion combo – 3 King Salmon portions (6 oz each) + 3 Sablefish portions (4 oz each)
• 12-portion combo – 6 King Salmon portions (6 oz each) + 6 Sablefish portions (4 oz each)
• 24-portion combo – 12 King Salmon portions (6 oz each) + 12 Sablefish portions (4 oz each)
King salmon is the fattiest of all Pacific salmon … and boasts the highest levels of omega-3s to boot. And our hand line-caught king salmon – which is cleaned and frozen within hours of capture – offers fresh, just-caught quality.
Wild Alaskan sablefish – also known as butterfish or black cod – is a silky, incredibly rich deep-water delicacy. Thanks to fat (and omega-3) levels higher than any other white fish – or any wild salmon except king – sablefish is seriously savory … and quite forgiving of inattentive cooks!

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