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Pacific Blue Mussels: Live

Pacific Blue Mussels: Live


Size: One 5lb bag (120-140 ct)
Our Pacific Blue mussels have repeatedly won top honors in international contests! These award-winners are rope-grown in wild, sparkling clean waters off Washington’s renowned Whidbey Island.

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• Eco-cultured
• 2¼ to 3 inches long
• About 24-28 mussels per lb.
Their fast growth rate – in a cove blessed by nutrient-rich waters – yields a firm texture and sweeter flavor than most any other mussels.
Because they grow so fast, they feature thin shells and plump, bountiful meats, and provide more pure pleasure per pound.
Easy and safe to enjoy
Because they are grown on ropes rather than in a beach, our Whidbey Island Pacific Blue mussels (Mytilus trossulus) are generally free of sand or grit.
Before the mussels are harvested, each batch is tested and certified-safe by the State of Washington.

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