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Nova Lox Fillets

Nova Lox Fillets


Size: One 26oz fillet
Our beautiful whole lox fillets make impressive centerpieces for breakfast, brunch, cocktail hour, and business gatherings. Cold-smoked Sockeye sides are pre-cut into 3 or 4 dozen thin slices, which go from freezer to table in about 30 minutes.

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Product Description


• Vacuum-sealed on gold board
• Certified Kosher (OU)
• No nitrites or artificial additives and preservatives
• Sustainably harvested
Our sustainably harvested Sockeye salmon is cured in salt brine, gently cold-smoked over pure, natural alder wood, thin-sliced, then immediately flash frozen.
Customers praise its vibrant flavor and silky texture. And you’ll find that we use considerably less salt than most alternatives: 560 mg per 2 oz serving, versus as much as 900 mg in many national brands.


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