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Pacific Spot Prawns: Shell On (12oz tub)

Pacific Spot Prawns: Shell On (12oz tub)


Size:One 12oz tub
Truly unique, with a clean, sweet flavor and firm texture, our spot prawns are harvested sustainably in cold, clean British Columbia waters. They are hand-packed and frozen in seawater to ensure freshness and peak nutritional quality.

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Product Description

Note: Some of your prawns may have roe (eggs) attached. These are perfectly edible, and are rich in omega-3s.

• Shell- and tail-on
• No additives or preservatives
• 15 to 20 large prawns per 12 oz tub
• May include some prawn roe (eggs)
• Product of Canada
Our pure, delicious spot prawns in seawater are harvested sustainably in cold, clean waters off British Columbia.
Upon harvest they’re hand-packed in tubs with seawater, and flash-frozen to preserve their fresh-caught quality.
Their name stems from the bright white dots that mark their shells; it’s equally accurate to call them spot prawns or spot shrimp.
Some of our prawns may include an extra special treat – a clutch of oil rich red roe on their bellies. This can be gently captured with a spoon to use as a garnish, or simply removed and discarded with the shells after cooking.
Spot prawns (Pandalus platyceros) are abundant and the fishery is well-managed and sustainable. There are very low rates of “by-catch” because the prawns are caught with small individual traps instead of large trawls and dredges.


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