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Sockeye & Halibut Duo

Sockeye & Halibut Duo


Sockeye: Three 6oz portions
Halibut: Three 6oz portions

Two of our favorites! Enjoy the light, lean taste of wild Alaskan halibut with the robust flavor of Alaskan Sockeye salmon in our equal portions combo.

Both sustainably harvested from cold, pure Alaskan waters, with ample amounts of omega-3 nutrition and vitamin D, these fish make an exquisite pairing.

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• Equal portions combo
• Wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon (skinless & boneless)
• Wild Alaskan halibut (skinless & boneless)
• Sustainably harvested
Combos include:
• 6 portion combo: 3 each of Sockeye & Halibut 6 oz portions
• 12 portion combo: 6 each of Sockeye &; Halibut 6 oz portions
• 24 portion combo: 12 each of Sockeye & Halibut & 6 oz portions
An equal number of individually vacuum-sealed 6 oz portions of our skinless-boneless, light, lean young white Halibut, and our robust wild Sockeye red Salmon.

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