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Traditional Sockeye Salmon: No Salt

Traditional Sockeye Salmon: No Salt


Size: Six 3.75oz cans
Try this No Salt Added version of our Traditional Style Wild Sockeye Salmon. Each 1/2 can serving contains only 40 mg of naturally occurring sodium.

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Our signature canned wild sockeye is the finest quality canned salmon available, because we select fish of superior culinary quality.
• Traditional (skin and small, edible bones)
• Easy-open top
• Only 40mg of sodium per serving
• Certified Kosher
• Product of USA
• Certified Sustainable
The skin and small, soft bones in our delicious traditional-style canned salmon are completely edible and significantly enhance flavor and nutrition. Our wild sockeye salmon is specially selected, fully cooked and ready to eat. It’s a delicious, healthy choice that’s packed with flavor and omega-3 nutrition.

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