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Wild Arctic Keta Salmon

Wild Arctic Keta Salmon


Size: Six 6oz portions
Arctic keta salmon is a truly exceptional fish, caught by native people in wild, pristine, frigid Alaskan waters. Leaner and milder than most salmon, it’s delicious with a wide variety of flavorings.

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• Mild, versatile flavor
• Sustainably harvested
• Hand-caught by native Iñupiat people
• More omega-3s than other keta salmon
• Product of USA (Alaska)
Our Arctic keta salmon is caught by native Iñupiat people in the cold, pristine waters of Alaska’s Northwest Arctic region.
Arctic keta salmon is distinguished by its subtle color, firm flesh, and very high omega-3 levels, compared with other keta, and even with king salmon.
It’s ideal for those who prefer mild-flavored salmon, and lends itself to seasonings and flavors.
Those features result from the fact that Arctic keta roam further, and undergo longer migrations, than any other salmon of their species.

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