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Wild Ivory King Salmon

Wild Ivory King Salmon


Size: Six 6oz portions

Thanks to its fine, delicate flavor and unusual hue, Alaskan fishing families reserve Ivory King salmon as a rare treat.

To preserve its fresh-caught quality, our King salmon are line-harvested from small boats, immediately put on ice and then flash-frozen within a few hours of leaving the water.

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Try it pan-seared or baked for a memorable dinner centerpiece … click the Serving tab and Recipes tab for more tips and ideas!

• Certified Kosher (EarthK) Approved for Passover
• Line-caught for superior quality
• Sustainably harvested
• Wild Pacific King Salmon
King Salmon Nutrition:
In addition to ample protein, King salmon provide three beneficial natural food factors in abundance per 6 oz portion, and will vary annually and by harvest location:

• Omega-3s: Provides six to 13 times more than the minimum daily EPA+DHA intake recommended by most world health authorities (250-500mg).
• Vitamin D3: Provides one- to two-thirds of the child-to-adult US RDA (600 IU) … more than almost all other fish, and far more than any fortified food.
• Astaxanthin: About 1.49 mg (regular red king only). This red-orange pigment is a carotenoid-class nutrient with unique health benefits. Astaxanthin content varies by color: Red King portions offer the most while Ivory King portions have the least.

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