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Wild Maine Lobster Tails

Wild Maine Lobster Tails


Size: One tray of 5 tails (15oz)
Our Wild Lobster is hand-harvested from clean, ice-cold waters off the rocky coast of Maine.

Wonderfully moist and slightly sweet, our premium lobster offers unsurpassed texture, ease, and taste.

Each tray provides five whole lobster tails, ready to thaw, cook, and enjoy.

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• Ships frozen
• Raw, uncooked
• 15 oz minimum per tray
• Five whole, shucked tails per tray
• Certified sustainably harvested
• Product of USA (Maine)
At last, enjoy lobster, hassle-free!
Innovative, high-pressure processing totally eliminates the chore of getting the meat from the shell, and delivers every sweet, delicious morsel.
How does it work?
Live lobsters get immersed in a water-filled chamber, where pumps raise the water pressure rapidly.
This sudden, extreme water pressure kills the lobsters humanely within six seconds, and causes the meat to detach completely from the shell.
Then, the pressure gets raised further, to 87,000 pounds per square inch, to kill off any bacteria or other pathogens.
The lobster tail meat is then hand-shucked from the shell in one piece.
Last but not least, the shells are given away to local farmers to use as fertilizer!

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