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Wild Sockeye Salmon

Wild Sockeye Salmon

Wild Sockeye Salmon


Size: Six 6oz portions

This special pack features the same top-grade Sockeye used for our skinless portions. We leave the skin and its fatty under-layer on one side, for more flavor.

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Skin-on/boneless portions

Top-grade wild Alaskan sockeye

Individually flash-frozen portions

Sustainably harvested

Certified Kosher (EarthK; approved for Passover)

Ships frozen for 2-3 day delivery


Why is Vital Choice sockeye so clearly superior?

Salmon connoisseurs find that our sockeye easily beats the very best that supermarkets and specialty stores can offer.

The reasons are simple, but very hard for others to replicate.

First and foremost, the relationships we fostered during decades of fishing Alaskan waters give us rare access to the very finest of these fish.

And our sockeye comes from smaller harvest regions (“fisheries”) that host fewer boats and feature faster processing … so our sockeye is flash-frozen within hours of harvest to capture its fresh-caught quality.

These advantages explain why chefs and savvy salmon shoppers consider Vital Choice wild Alaskan sockeye such a rare catch!

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