Artichoke-Stuffed Chicken w White Wine Sauce

Serves 4

Light chicken breasts stuffed with creamy artichoke dip and a flavorful white wine sauce for only 203 calories per serving! Serve with Garlic Roasted Asparagus.

What You’ll Need:

Measuring Cups & Spoons

Kitchen String – 12 Pieces, Each About 5 Inches In Length

A Heavy-Bottomed Fry Pan

A Heavy-Bottomed Sauce Pan


2 Plates

Piece Of Tin Foil

Medium Mixing Bowl


Kitchen Spoon

4 Dinner Plates


4 Chicken Paillards

1/3 Cup Artichoke Dip

2 Tblsps Grapeseed Oil

1 Cup White Wine (I like Chardonnay for this dish)

1 Tsp Arrowroot

1 Tblsp Capers (About 3 forkfuls directly out of the jar)

3 Tblsps Fresh Chopped Italian Parsley

1/2 Tsp Sea Salt

Fresh Ground Pepper to Personal Taste

How To Put It Together:

1) Lay your chicken paillards on your work surface, length-wise, one of the short ends toward you . Distribute your artichoke stuffing evenly between the four filets, placing the stuffing in the middle of the filet. Wrap the ends around the filling, covering it as completely as you can.
2) On the work surface, next to your rolled chicken breast, lay 3 pieces of your kitchen string about an inch apart from one another. Lay the rolled chicken paillard on top of the string and tie each string firmly in a not to secure your roll. I like using 3 pieces of string per paillard it seems to give nice balance, but on smaller pieces you may only need two – do what works best for your comfort level. Place each rolled paillard on your plate as you go.
3) Place your heavy-bottomed pan on medium heat and allow to heat up. You will know that it is ready when you place your hand about one inch above the pan’s surface and you feel heat radiating off of the pan. Now add your grape seed oil & swirl it around the pan.
4) With your tongs, add your paillards to your pheated pan, giving each a little room around it. You will hear a sizzle at this point – that’s what you want. Watch your paillards carefully, you will know they are ready to flip when the color of the chicken turns just opaque crawling up the sides of the roll and they no longer stick to pan. You can turn each of them as this happens and place them on your clean plate (not the one that they came from). Tent them with foil while you make the sauce.
5) Put your sauce pan on your work surface and add to it the white wine & the arrowroot. Whisk the two together until all the arrowroot is dissolved.
6) Place the pan on medium heat whisking as it heats, This will prevent lumps from forming. You will see the mixture begin to thicken quite quickly. Once your have a smooth, homogenized sauce, stir in your capers, your sea salt & fresh ground pepper. Heat the capers through; this only takes a minute or so. Now you are ready to plate the dish.
7) Place one paillard on each plate, spoon about a quarter of a cup of sauce on each roll & sprinkle each with your fresh parsley.
8) Serve & enjoy!

Nina’s Tasty Tip:

The wine that you use for this dish should be tasty but not expensive. I buy a $3 chardonnay for cooking – it’s drinkable & cheap.
Fresh chopped basil or tarragon are wonderful alternatives to the parsley in this dish.



203 Calories
16 grams of Protein
4 grams of Total Carbohydrates
0 grams of Sugar
2 grams of Fiber
9 grams of Total Fat
2 gram of Saturated Fat
0 gram of Trans Fat
38 mg of Cholesterol
468 mg of Sodium
46% RDA Vitamin K
34% RDA Niacin
20% RDA Sodium
18% RDA Vitamin B6
16% RDA Selenium
15% RDA Phosphorus
11% RDA Vitamin E
• Glycemic load: 1