Serves 4

Tangy and sweet black cherry vinaigrette is the perfect complement to pan seared duck breast and it’s easy-to-make to boot! It also pairs perfectly with my Garlic Roasted Asparagus.


What You’ll Need:

A Sharp Kitchen Knife

A Blender

A 12 Inch Stainless Steel Pan

A 2-Quart Pan with a Cover

Measuring Cups & Spoons

2 Kitchen Plates

Spatula or Kitchen Tongs

A Kitchen Spoon

Aluminum Foil



1 LB Duck Breast

1 Tbsp Olive Oil

Fresh Ground Pepper & Sea Salt


Black Cherry Vinaigrette Sauce:

1/2 Cup Black Cherry Balsamic
1/2 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1/4 Cup Dijon
1/4 Cup Organic Vegetable Broth
1/2 Teaspoon Sea Salt
Drops of Hot Sauce
1 Pint Raspberries at Room Temperature


How To Put It Together:

1) To the blender add the Black Cherry Vinaigrette ingredients: blend until well-combined. Pour the vinaigrette into a small pot and place it over low heat to simmer; stirring occasionally.
2) Give the duck breast a healthy grinding of sea salt and pepper. Preheat a stainless steel pan over medium-high heat. You’ll know that the pan is ready when you place your hand about 1 inch above the pan’s surface and you feel heat radiating from the pan. Add the olive oil; swirl it around the pan. Add the the duck breast skin side down; allow to brown for 3 – 5 minutes. Turn the duck and allow it to cook for another 3 minutes or so. Transfer the duck to a plate; tent the breasts with foil and allow them to rest for about 5 minutes.
3) Slice the duck breast on the diagonal; place it on a dinner plate. Spoon the Black Cherry Vinaigrette over the duck; garnish with raspberries.
4) Serve and enjoy!


Nina’s Tasty Tips:

Black Cherry Vinaigrette is very versatile…Try it cold on spinach salad with fried prosciutto – delicious!



445 Calories
29 grams of Protein
22 grams of Total Carbohydrates
10 grams of Sugar
10 grams of Fiber
27 grams of Total Fat
5 grams of Saturated Fat
0 grams of Trans Fat
152 mg of Cholesterol
281 mg of Sodium
75% RDA Vitamin C
54% RDA Manganese
49% RDA Niacin
43% RDA Selenium
27% RDA Iron
25% RDA Vitamin K
17% RDA Vitamin E
12% RDA Sodium
• Glycemic load: 5