Serves 6

What You’ll Need:

A 12-Inch Sauté Pan with a Cover
A Sharp Kitchen Knife
Measuring Cups and Spoons
A Blender
A Small Bowl
A Mini Whisk or Fork
Tongs or a Spatula
A Large Plate
Tin Foil


6 (5 Ounce) Pieces Wild Salmon Filets
1 1/2 Tsp Truffle Sea Salt
1 1/2 Tsp Herbs in Duxelles
1 Tsp Urfa Chile
1/2 Tsp Powdered Garlic
1/2 Tsp Granulated Onion
1 Cup Red Wine
1/2 Cup Port Wine
1/4 Cup Dijon
1/4 Tsp Truffle Salt
1/4 Tsp White Pepper
2 Tbsp Glace de Venison (Concentrated Venison Stock)
2 Tsp Arrowroot
4 Tbsp White Truffle Oil, Split
8 Ounces Shiitake, Sliced
1/4 Cup Parsley, Chopped

How To Put It Together:

  1. In a small bowl, whisk together the truffle sea salt, herbs in duxelles, urfa chile, powdered garlic and granulated onion. Sprinkle the spice mixture on both sides of the salmon; set aside for now.

  3. Preheat a sauté pan over medium high heat; add two tablespoons of the truffle oil; swirl it around the pan. Add the salmon to the pan presentation side down. Allow the salmon to brown; 5 – 7 minutes then turn the salmon and brown on the other side. Transfer the salmon to a large plate, cover it with tin foil and set it aside for now.

  5. To a blender, add the red wine, port wine, dijon, truffle sea salt, white pepper, concentrated venison stock, arrowroot and white truffle oil. Blend the mixture; place it by the stove.

  7. Add the shiitake to the pan; allow them to brown for about 3 -4 minutes before stirring. Stir the mushrooms to brown the other side then add the wine mixture, stirring. Allow the sauce to thicken for a couple of minutes then slide the salmon back into the pan along with juices that have accumulated at the bottom of the plate. Cover the pan for 4 – 5 minutes or until the salmon is heated through.

  9. To plate: Place a piece of salmon on a dinner plate, spoon shiitake sauce on top; garnish with parsley.

  11. Serve and enjoy!


Nina’s Tasty Tips:

This dish can be made with beef, chicken, wild boar or other high-fat, game fish, such as tuna.