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  • Turkey Sausage with Sweet Potato Kale Hash

    Turkey Sausage with Sweet Potato Kale Hash

    Serves 4 – 6


    What You’ll Need:

    A Large Skillet with a Cover

    A Sharp Kitchen Knife

    Measuring Cups & Spoons

    A Small Bowl

    A Mini Whisk or Fork

    A Wooden Spoon or Spatula

    Bowls for Your Veggies



    2 Tbsp Olive Oil

    1 LB Sweet Potatoes, About 3 Medium, Diced

    1 Medium Onion, Roughly Chopped

    1 Red Bell Pepper, Roughly Chopped

    3 Bunches Kale, Stemmed, Leaves Torn or Chopped

    4 Organic Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage Links, Sliced

    3/4 Cup Water or Chicken Broth


    Spice Mix:

    1/2 Tsp Sea Salt

    1/2 Granulated Garlic

    1/2 Tsp Smoked Paprika


    How To Put It Together:

    1) Chop the sweet potatoes, onion, and bell pepper; pile the veggies into work bowls and place near your stove. I put the onions & pepper into the same bowl. Tear the kale into pieces; pile it into a bowl and place it by the stove. Slice the sausage on the diagonal; put it in a bowl and place it by the stove.
    2) In a small bowl, whisk together the spices; place by the stove. I do this because I have found that there is a more even and thus more delicious distribution of spices in a dish when pre-mixed.
    3) Preheat the pan over medium-high heat. You will know that the pan is ready when you place your hand about an inch above the pan surface and you feel heat radiating from the pan. Add the oil; swirl it around the pan. To the pan add the onions and bell pepper; sauté until the onions are just opaque. Add the potatoes spreading them evenly across the entirety of the pan. Allow them to brown for about 5 minutes; stir them and allow to brown again for another couple of minutes. Add the kale, a little at a time, stirring as you go. Add the turkey sausage and give the pan a good stir. Stir in the spice mixture, moving it around the entirety of the pan. Stir in the water or chicken broth; cover the pan for about 5 minutes or until the potatoes are just cooked through.
    4) Serve and enjoy!


    Nina’s Tasty Tip:

    Leftovers are yummy for breakfast or a take to work lunch. This refrigerates well!



    348 Calories
    26 grams of Protein
    27 grams of Total Carbohydrates
    6 grams of Sugar
    5 grams of Fiber
    16 grams of Total Fat
    3 grams of Saturated Fat
    0 grams of Trans Fat
    82 mg of Cholesterol
    679 mg of Sodium
    420% RDA Vitamin K
    399% RDA Vitamin A
    151% RDA Vitamin C
    36% RDA Vitamin B6
    35% RDA Niacin
    32% RDA Manganese
    28% RDA Phosphorus
    28% RDA Sodium
    27% RDA Zinc
    25% RDA Potassium
    23% RDA Riboflavin
    21% RDA Copper
    19% RDA Vitamin B12
    18% RDA Pantothenic Acid
    16% RDA Iron
    15% RDA Magnesium
    14% RDA Thiamin
    11% RDA Folate
    11% RDA Calcium
    • Glycemic load: 11

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