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  • Super Power Benefits of Ginger & A Personal Question

    Super Power Benefits of Ginger & A Personal Question


    Do you LOOOOVE cooking with ginger as much as I do? It just gives a little flavor ‘punch’ to any dish!

    Ginger and broccoli are a marriage made heaven for this healthy foodie! Last night I made Sesame Broccoli Salad for the first time in a long time! It was DELISH! I love this salad because it pairs well with anything from beef to fish; it makes a great dinner side that leads to a lunch-at-the-computer the next day.


    Ginger is known for its host of medicinal uses:


    • It’s used to soothe nausea and stomach upset
    • It has anti-inflammatory properties
    •  It’s a natural immune system booster
    •  It can prevent hardening of the arteries
    •  It can lower cholesterol


    Science tells us that ginger has anti-proliferative properties.

    In fact, the British Journal of Nutrition has demonstrated that the anti-cancer activity of ginger may be effective in the management of prostate cancer!!

    The study showed that whole ginger extract brings into play significant growth inhibiting and death inducing effects in a spectrum of human prostate cancer cells.


    ‘Tumor tissue from [ginger extract]-treated mice showed reduced proliferation and widespread apoptosis [cell death]. Most importantly, [ginger extract] did not exert any detectable toxicity in normal, rapidly dividing tissues such as gut and bone marrow.’

    In other words, ginger extract shrunk tumors and killed prostate cancer cells without poisoning the body, as chemotherapy does.

    1 in 7 men get prostate cancer. And not just the elder gentlemen….Diagnoses of this dis-ease is becoming younger and younger (mid-fortes).

    BPA in plastic bottles is that culprit to causing breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. If you drink out of soft plastic bottles; just STOP!

    As Hippocrates said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


    Here are a few recipes that contain healing ginger:


    XO Nina


    This Week at Nina Cucina


    Exciting News!!!….Well, maybe….

    Well, folks, here’s the story….I was coaching a client who is beautiful inside and out who wants to get healthier. Her goal is to find a way to eat, stay healthy and maintain balanced weight. We were discussing her (soon to be) weekly plan.

    I explained that I usually coach my clients to bake (my recipes) on Sunday so that you have bread for breakfast, and a few muffins for snacks on hand for the week ahead.

    I got a stare. Then, she quite honestly asked: ‘Why aren’t you doing the baking?’ She went on: ‘Seriously…you’re the expert….’

    Soon after this conversation, I posted on instagram a picture of my grain-free bagels with avocado and hard boiled egg (a fave breakfast of mine). I asked the question: Should I market my bagels and breads?


    At first, I didn’t get a huge response but then the private messages and texts started pouring in….


    So my question to you guys is the same. This would be a HUGE endeavor so I am asking you, my closest followers your thoughts on this. The average retail cost on a grain-free loaf is $12.99. I have bought them all (I think…). I developed my own recipes because I couldn’t find one that was really yummy.


    So I ask you….Should I do it?


    Your comments are SOOOO appreciated! Just hit reply and tell me everything 🙂

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