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    Valentine’s Day Menu



    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…. Do you ‘feel’ it? The Valentine’s stress? We recover from one set of eating, drinking and gift-giving holidays then BAM, we get slammed with another one!


    Shouldn’t we all be celebrating love every day? Like other gift-giving holidays, there’s a lot more to Valentine’s Day than gifts and cards….There’s a true life story. One that teaches us love, sacrifice and commitment to our word. The story goes like this….


    In the third century, the Roman Empire was ruled by Emperor Claudius II Gothicus. He was nicknamed Claudius the Cruel because of his harsh leadership and abusive behavior.


    He LOVED to war! In fact, he was involved in so many wars that he was having a tough time recruiting soldiers to fight them.


    Claudius believed that recruitment for the army was down because Roman men did not want to leave their wives and families behind.


    His solution? He canceled all marriages and engagements in Rome. He instilled such fear in his people they were afraid to oppose him.


    But a simple Christian priest named Valentine did come forward. He stood up for love!


    He began to secretly marry soldiers before they went off to war, despite the emperor’s orders. Emperor Claudius learned of this and sentenced Valentine to death.


    As Valentine was awaiting execution, he fell in love with a blind girl who happened to be the jailer’s daughter.


    Legend has it that on the eve of Valentine’s execution, he wrote her a poem. Valentine signed it:


    “Your Valentine’


    Even centuries after his death, the story of Valentine’s self-sacrificing commitment to love was legendary in Rome. He was granted sainthood and February 14 was chosen as the date to celebrate the man who stood up for love.


    So on this Valentine’s Day, give your loved ones the gift of your presence. Just BE together. Friends, family & loved ones getting together celebrating love!


    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Nina XO


    This Week at Nina Cucina


    Recipe of the Week

    Since next Wednesday is Valentine’s Day and we are celebrating; we’re not doing a recipe of the week but an entire menu! In the Nina Cucina household, we don’t make reservations…. We get together with friends at out home for Valentine’s Day and celebrate our love and friendship! You can check out our Valentine’s menu HERE.


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