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  • Yummy, Fast, Low-Cal CHILI RECIPE!

    Yummy, Fast, Low-Cal CHILI RECIPE!



    How about a low-cal, low-cab and nutritious chili that tastes GREAT?? You bet ‘cha! My Chick-Chick Chili is packed with with flavor and lots of nutrition!


    This tasty chili is made with chicken and chick peas!


    It offers 29 grams of protein, almost half of the RDA for vitamin A and full day’s supply of vitamin C, all for just 318 calories per serving! Guilt-free chili this weekend – HURRAY!



    XO Nina


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    The video team at Nina Cucina is busy editing! Stay tuned for more fun and informative recipe videos in the coming weeks!


    Recipe of the Week

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